A commercial real estate firm focused on the tenant's priorities.

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What we do

We enable business leaders to make informed decisions when leasing office space.      

Who works with us

Executives, partners, real estate managers, and others work with us when they need to make and implement leasing decisions for their office locations.

How we do it

Global real estate firms have multiple business lines and high fixed costs. We don't. TENANTSIDE is a small tenant rep firm with the focus and flexibility to suggest modular solutions built from the client up, rather than pre-packaged offerings built from the broker down.

What that means

When additional, non-brokerage services are needed to execute on project goals, we assist our clients in tapping other firms to provide these services, so that the client benefits from the checks and balances provided by a team of independent professionals coordinated, but not controlled, by the broker.

Why that matters

Tl;dr - Vertical integration and horizontal scale in the large real estate firm can lead to prioritization decisions that aren't always aligned with the priorities of the client, especially when the tenant is focused on a single or a handful of offices.

Vertically integrated and with horizontal scale, global brokerage firms have the resources and processes to service the property management, leasing, investment sales, capital market, asset management, and development needs of investors and space users with national and global portfolios. But, as Clayton Christensen put it,

"Whereas resources and processes are often enablers that define what an organization can do, priorities embedded in the business model often represent constraints - they define what the organization cannot do."

So while your focus might simply be to make and implement the best real estate decision for your business, the large real estate firm, on the other hand, must also make sure its employees "...prioritize those things that help the company to make money in the way it is structured to make money if it is to survive."

In practice, the global firm's vertically integrated operating model and the marketing imperative to "land and expand" can seem to put key, non-brokerage services under the control of the broker, sometimes leading to the perception, justified, or not, of an increased risk for self-preferencing and conflicts of interest due to a loss of internal checks and balances on the tenant's team.


TENANTSIDE is an independent tenant representation brokerage firm led by Terry Beal and dedicated to helping businesspeople navigate and execute their office leasing transactions.

We work exclusively on one side of the side of the transaction: the tenant's side.

We focus exclusively on providing one service: tenant representation for firms leasing their office workspace...not space planning, not project management, not construction management, not property development, not agency leasing, nor asset sales.

As the sole owner of the firm, Terry reports not up the food chain, but to the client only.

Each of these are conscious choices designed to maximize the structural and transactional transparency in our client relationships.

Based in Chicago, Terry's past and current tenant representation work includes brand names such as Amica Insurance, Amoco, Grant Thornton, and State Farm as regional or national clients.

A licensed real estate broker in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida, Terry has worked with clients on projects from Miami to Seattle, and points in between.

He enjoys the journey with each client and is truly grateful for the opportunity of working with good people as they make even better real estate decisions.

Terry Beal, TENANTSIDE, tenant rep broker

Working with you

- Leasing new workspace?

- Renewing, restructuring, or leveraging an existing lease?

- Refreshing or relocating an office?

- Rethinking your workspace to attract and retain talent?

- Looking to entice people back to the office?

...if so, let's talk